European platform for online disputes

The European legislation on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) between consumers and professionals, already implemented by our country in August 2015, comes alive. In fact, at the end of December, the technical regulations were launched for the online publication of the list of authorized ADR bodies, envisaged by the Consumer Code (ADR bodies are public or private entities authorized to carry out mediation or arbitration proceedings). From 9 January, these entities can register on the new online platform put in place by the European Commission. This website, specialized for the resolution of disputes related to the purchase of products and services through online, will be active from February 15, 2016 for all consumers and professionals, who will be able to access the platform through the web address:

The platform (ODR) will make it possible to resolve online disputes (including cross-border ones) without having to resort to lengthy and costly judicial procedures. Consumers will be able to file a complaint, always online, and ADR entities will act as mediators or arbitrators between the parties to try to resolve the problem. Admission to the procedure is free of charge, instead the costs of the procedure are normally parameterized to the value of the dispute, however specified in the preventive phase. E-commerce sites must indicate the link for accessing the procedure. Some time ago the European Commission had already proposed updated rules for digital contracts, with the aim of simplifying and facilitating access to digital content and online shopping across Europe. The new platform therefore constitutes an additional tool to strengthen trust in e-commerce, offering an important contribution to the EU strategy for the digital single market.

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